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  • Boys and girls ages 2-14

  • Toronto Michael Davitts Registration $150

  • Gaelic Athletic Association Insurance Fee $10

  • Location of training, scroll down

Registration Includes

Toronto Michael Davitts

  • Two calendar seasons of training sessions and games. (20+ weeks)

    • Spring Indoor Starts March 2024 (8 weeks)

      • Starting March 23rd 10 am -12 pm

    • Summer Outdoor Starts May 2024 (15 week~)

  • Age specific activities to promote teamwork, leadership, and physical development

  • Each player receives a football and a training top

  • Total Cost $150 per player.

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​Age Group Time slots

  • U4 - Start Time 10 am st - Arrive at 9:50 am est. (45 min session)

  • U6 - Start Time 10 am Est - Arrive at 9:50 am est. (55 min session)

  • U8 - Start Time 11 am est - Arrive at 10:50 am est (55 min session)

  • U10 - Start Time 11 am est - Arrive at 10:50 am est (55 min session)

  • U12 - Start Time 11 am Est - Arrive at 10:50 am est (55 min session)

  • U14 - Start Time 11 am Est - Arrive at 10:50 am est (55 min session)


  • Sat March 23rd 10 am to noon

  • Sat March 30th 10 am to noon

  • Sun April 7th 10 am to noon

  • Sun April 14th 10 am to noon

  • Sun April 21st 10 am to noon

  • Sun April 28th 10 am to noon

  • Sun May 5th 10 am to noon

  • Saturday, May 11th - Chieftains + Davitts Game Blitz Day

  • Saturday, May 25th. 10am to noon - Indoor


GAA Insurance Fee Info

  • $10 fee per player

  • Website link:  GoMembership (Click Here)

  • It’s quick, secure, and easy to update once you get your profile created.  Remember, no registration means no playing!

  • Once you have created a profile, you can always come back later and make changes, updates.  It may be easier to complete on a desktop/laptop and not on a mobile device.

Step by Step Instructions:        


  • Click on SIGN UP to create your account.  Parent’s email address will be the username – you’ll create a parent account and then add your children once logged in.     REMEMBER YOU SIGN UP AS A PARENT FIRST AND THEN WILL ADD YOUR CHILDREN TO THE REGISTRATION

  • Create a password – it can be just letters, no special characters needed, make it something that you’ll remember, at least 8 characters long.

  • Once logged in:

  • Create parent account with your contact number and home address etc.

  • Select club as “Toronto Michael Davitts” on the right side of the screen.

  • While logged into your parent account, on the left side click “ADD FAMILY MEMBER” click yellow box with “NEW MEMBER” and a pop up will appear (the parent email address, contact number and home address will be auto populated

  • Enter the child’s name and a unique username for the child (do not use the parent email address for the child’s username) example:  John Smith – username jsmith2008

  • Check all 3 boxes for consent at the bottom and click the red CONTINUE box, the child’s account is now created.

  • Go to your email (parent’s email) inbox and check for 2 emails from CGAA.NOREPLY@GOMEMBERSHIP.COM 

  •  Subject line with “youth approval” click on the TWO links in the email to accept the waiver and media release

  • Subject line with “parental consent required” click on the ONE link to approve the child account to be created

  • Go back to GoMembership, view the child’s profile, click MEMBER LICENSE at the top

  • Under Member License, select YOUTH, there will be two boxes to check underneath: one is for the media release and the other is the CGAA waiver, read and accept

  • Click Finish

  • You will see a message with an option to “Proceed to cart” click proceed to cart and then complete order.  You will be prompted to enter payment for the $10 registration fee here in a secure site.


3413 Wolfedale Rd Unit 15B Mississauga, ON L5C 1V8


56 Centennial Park Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9C 3T3

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