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The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is deeply rooted in Irish culture, primarily known for promoting and organizing traditional Irish sports like Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, and handball. It's a community-based organization focused on fostering a sense of belonging, health, and community spirit through sport.

With over 500,000 members worldwide the GAA places significant emphasis on community and youth development. Through local clubs and initiatives, they aim to engage young individuals by providing avenues for active participation in sports and cultural activities. These initiatives not only focus on developing athletic skills but also instill values like teamwork, discipline, and respect within a community-oriented framework.

Youth development programs within the GAA often involve coaching clinics, training sessions, and tournaments tailored to various age groups. These efforts are designed to not only nurture sporting talents but also promote overall personal growth and well-being among the youth. Additionally, the GAA frequently collaborates with schools and community centers to expand access to these programs, making them more accessible to a broader spectrum of youngsters.

Overall, the GAA's approach to community and youth development integrates sports, culture, and values to create an inclusive and supportive environment for the holistic growth of individuals within the community.

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Michael Keane


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Domhnall Moore

Vice Chairperson

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Tom Keane


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Sean O'Molloy


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Wendy Curran


Ronan Sweeney

Public Relations Officer

Clodagh Keane

Child Welfare Officer

Ultan Blee

Development Officer


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